How do we ensure healthier, happier lives as we live for longer?


Ageing impacts not only our parents or grandparents, but also our immediate future. 14 million parents in the UK bring up their children and 6.5 million of us care for an elderly, ill or disabled relative.

New technologies and products will allow us to improve health and care and make sure we stay connected to our communities.

Success means finding ways of living healthier and more active lives in an economy that works for everyone.

Through the Ageing Society Grand Challenge, we can shape our future to ensure that we all live healthy and happy lives, whatever our age.

How can we best support people to have extra years of being healthy and independent?

Where can the use of AI and data transform our lives?


A new Artificial Intelligence, or AI, startup is founded almost weekly in the UK. AI already gets us from A to B, makes shopping and entertainment more convenient and protects us from fraud. Better use of AI and data technologies means we can make education more accessible and help improve diagnosis and treatment of some of the most important diseases in our lifetime, saving lives and saving money for the NHS.

We want the UK to be at the forefront of this revolution, developing new technologies and approaches in an ethical way.

Through the AI and Data Grand Challenge, we can find ways of boosting productivity, generating savings and creating future jobs.

How can AI and data transform our lives?

How can we maximise the advantages of a Green Great Britain?


Around the world, the need for clean technology is rapidly expanding. This creates huge business opportunities and new markets as the world commits to tackling climate change and reducing its carbon emissions. The UK is already leading this clean transition. We have just gone a record 76 hours without using coal to produce electricity. We are finding new ways to reduce the energy use in our homes and to tackle dangerous plastic pollution.

There are already almost 400,000 jobs in low carbon businesses and their supply chains. But we can and want to do more.

Through the Clean Growth Challenge, we will make sure UK industry benefits as we find ways of making low carbon energy cheaper and the way we live greener.

How can our construction industry use its existing strengths to halve energy use in buildings?

How will technology improve your journeys?


How we get around is going to change significantly in the future. New technologies are improving transport to make it safer, cleaner and better connected.

Technology is affecting people’s attitudes to travel. The majority of adults have access to a smartphone and users are increasingly expecting to be able to plan, book and pay for transport through their phones.

Through the Future of Mobility Grand Challenge, we can shape our future to make travel safer, better connected and more energy efficient.

How can we ensure that future transport technologies and services are developed in an inclusive manner?